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Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification - Performance Cycling @ Chester

Posted by Admin 22/11/2016 0 Comment(s) Latest News,

Congratulations to those who acheived their Performance Cycling Level 2 Instructor Certification at the weekend in Chester.

With 50 years gap between youngest and eldest and experience ranging from 'many years 'Spinning'' to a star employee sent 200 miles by a gym owner and who had 'never sat on a bike before', it was a challenging and richly rewarding experience in many ways!

Thanks for your energy and dedication in travelling from all corners of the UK, from Scotland to Kent and Grimsby to join us and for making it such a memorable 2 days!

We wish you all every success and look forward to hearing how you are doing!

We are delighted you all got so much out of the course and your time with us as your feedback demonstrates....


"The course was the best I've been on. It was very professionally led and thorough. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to train as an indoor cycling instructor. Performance Cycling is the way to go!"


"I learned masses of stuff with relation to Performance Cycling that I didn't know before, despite having been 'spinning' for years"


"Very professional trainers. Excellent communication skills with warmth"


"Fantastic standards!"

"Learning the correct movements and being taught how to ride with the beat (of the music) was most valuable"


"Inspirational journey"


"I enjoyed the course very much, good sized group and the instructors were very knowledgable and helpful"


"The course was fantastic from booking to completion, there was constant support all the way. The teaching, the content of the course and the venue were faultless. I thoroughly enjoyed everything"


Many thanks and congratulations to you all! 

Love indoor cycling? Become a great instructor with top quality training and support from Performance Cycling. 




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