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Performance Cycling Instructor Course Review - Katy O'Shea - Birkenhead

Posted by Admin 21/10/2015 0 Comment(s) Instructor Reviews,

Performance Cycling Level 2 Instructor Katy says about the course..."Very detailed and professional but delivered in a way that kept me engaged and driven and wanting more.

Obviously learning a new skill is high for me, that aside the interaction between others and the format of the deliverance was exceptional.

I felt by the end of it I had made genuine friends and that was down to the tutors offering a warm environment and allowing us to interact with each in a warm environment.

I would like to thank the team for sharing their knowledge and skills and making the 2 days an enjoyable experience."


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Instructors are asked to grade the training in 5 specific areas - Value, Content, Presentation, Assessments and Support.

Katy's overall course rating in all these was '4.5 stars - Good to Excellent'

4.5 Stars

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