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Performance Cycling Pro Instructor (PCL1 & 2)

Performance Cycling Pro Instructor (PCL1 & 2)

 Next live - 16/17th November - Contact us for details and bookings

Capitalise on the popularity of indoor cycling classes like Spinning and RPM by certifying to teach with Performance Cycling - Widely respected as the very best start for new instructors and a progression for those who have done other indoor cycling training.


✔ No prior qualifications needed - This is the ONLY UK indoor cycling course which can guarantee freelance insurance cover with or without prior quals. (Some venues may also require ETM or similar. If not sure, contact us for details of venues in your area.)

✔ Recognised worldwide and fully accredited by CIMSPA for the maximum points available for indoor cycling (10)

✔ Quality guaranteed - Unmatched 100% recommendation rate and consistent 5 Star reviews from new and experienced instructors alike since launch in 2001. Proof of our dedication to providing the best, most comprehensive and up to date indoor cycling certification on the market.

✔ Training with creator Debbie Kneale gives you an added edge with exclusive insights and tips from her 20+ years as an indoor cycling specialist trainer, international presenter and coach.

✔ Includes a host of free bonuses to support your learning and success.


Whether you want to start or progress your indoor cycling career, training is an investment - in time and money. 
Choosing this training is a wise investment of both. Book now, you'll be glad you did! We guarantee it!



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Forces personnel - Standard Learning Credits (SLC's) can be used towards this training, contact us for completed forms stating which package you wish to purchase (see dropdown under price)

Companies - Get in touch to discuss training for your staff - live, online, or at your venue.

Be the Change indoor cycling needs - Be the Best - Become a Performance Cycling Professional Instructor!

Join us and get yourself an edge over those who have done other courses - more practical so you gain real teaching skills, the most comprehensive content and assessments so you will be credible and confident in what and how to teach and also understand why.

Your Trainer - Debbie Kneale

A specialist, independent presenter and educator, Debbie is a mind body coach who has dedicated more than 20 years to raising standards in indoor cycling in the UK and worldwide. With an extensive toolbox of qualifications, skills and experience, Debbie continues to change the way instructors see indoor cycling and themselves and maintains her reputation for excellence with an infectious passion and a powerful, warm and relaxed teaching style, with skills which make learning easy and fun.

Course Content

Learn techniques you can safely teach on any fixed gear bike used for indoor cycling or Spinning ® including:

  • How to screen clients properly for indoor cycling
  • Setting up indoor cycling bikes correctly and coaching others to do so effectively
  • Performing and coaching all the essential group indoor cycling techniques used - base and advanced moves
  • Safe, basic to advanced indoor cycling choreography and creative teaching variations
  • How to identify and rectify potential problems in order to maximise gain and minimise risk for equipment as well as anatomy!
  • Selecting moves and adapting for different levels of cycling skill and fitness
  • Practice putting different classes together - including class design, preparation and format, take away choreography and classes ready to teach immediately and never be short of ideas
  • How to avoid the mistakes made by many less educated indoor cycling instructors!
  • When and where to incorporate suitable stretch options in your Performance Cycling classes
  • How to source, choose and use music to create Performance Cycling classes most effectively for group indoor cycling
  • Psychological impact of different teaching styles used by indoor cycling intructors
  • Plus advanced communication to enhance your teaching and life skills
  • Legalities - insurance and music issues for indoor cycling classes and practical solutions
  • How to positively prepare yourself for your indoor cycling teaching role and develop within it
  • Invaluable practical practice to gain teaching confidence and succeed

PLUS -  FREE EXTRA THEORY before the live day via our interactive online learning course, including:

  • Fitness theory and basic human anatomy
  • Components of fitness
  • Muscle types and actions
  • Principles of training
  • FITT principle
  • Energy systems
  • Intensity levels and monitoring
  • Biomechanical considerations
  • Minimising body stresses when riding and more...
An invaluable refresher and excellent addition for those new to teaching to enjoy before the live course, helping you prepare for success in a fun and convenient way in the comfort of your own home. (Instructors report Spinning charge £75 extra for their additional theory package - with us it is included FREE!)
BOOK NOW and ALSO get our FREE PRACTICAL video BONUSES, including:
  • Introduction, safety and set up videos
  • Base and advanced demonstration and coaching videos

These bonuses are INCLUDED to give you a head start and advantage - we will also cover all the essentials on the day live! 


PLUS -  ONCE QUALIFIED, get our VIP Instructor Support Package FREE for the first year including:
  • Online refreshers and automatic updates
  • Instructor authentication via certificate and web search
  • Ongoing support via Instructor forums
  • Access to branded marketing assets and logos free for your use
  • Printed marketing assets at cost
  • Instructor Discounts and Rewards - earn from your referrals
  • Copy certificate free if needed
  • Opportunities for promotion and progression
  • Personal introduction to local gyms

Do I need prior qualifications?

In short - No!

The quality of teaching, content and assessments on this course mean it is the only UK indoor cycling course accepted by insurance for teaching cover with OR without prior fitness qualifications. 

This course provides everything needed to become a great instructor, whether you want to move from enthusiast to successful teacher, are already teaching and want to refresh and progress or are a corporate customer looking for the best value, high quality training for your venue.

Once certified with us you will be able to teach effectively on any of the popular fixed gear indoor cycling bikes, including Reebok, Schwinn, Spinning ®, Keiser, Pulse, Gym Gear, BH Fitness etc.

Centre managers and co-ordinators - contact us to put a whole new spin on indoor cycling at your venue with Performance Cycling!



Barry Edwards | 6 reviews

"As a Physiotherapist specialising in Sports Injuries, I was very impressed with the attention to detail regarding pre class screening and safety checks on this course. The practicals also concentrated very heavily on correct positioning and postural alignment along with very sound advice about not putting the resistance too high. I have been a keen cyclist for over 3o years and rate this course very highly. Debbie is an excellent tutor and great motivator"

Kevin Braddock | 6 reviews

"Impressive and clear tuition in theory and practical. Very thorough grounding in all aspects of spin tuition, class planning, choreography, legals etc. and as a novice spinner I was led through the tuition process very patiently. A thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable experience which I would happily recommend."

Emma Foden | 6 reviews

"As an inexperienced indoor cyclist the practical part was excellent. The more practice we got throughout the course the more confident I felt. The course was recommended to me to help with personal training - but I feel confident to teach a safe class - I enjoyed every part of the course - Thanks"




5 ( 5 / 5 )
This has been a superb learning experience. Debbie's enthusiasm and knowledge was second to none.
I fully recommend this course to ALL! Thank You!!
5 ( 5 / 5 )
A brilliant course, I learnt there is so much more to indoor cycling than any of the classes I have been to in the past.
The practical assessment was the most valuable part for me as it is the first stepping stone to taking an actual class.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Couldn't improve, it was great!
The experience with Debbie was inspirational and a fun and enjoyable environment.
Gaining confidence to teach and instruct and being able to have a hand in on coaching as well as cycling, is a benefit to my toolbox.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
The most enjoyable course I've done. Interaction was great and excellent feedback. Thank you!
5 ( 5 / 5 )
An extremely valuable and rewarding class, opened my eyes to a vast array of possibilities

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