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Our Indoor Cycling Certification Levels- Which is right for you?

To accommodate the needs of indoor cycling instructors worldwide, Performance Cycling are pleased to offer 2 main levels of certification, both live and online.

Both include expert support and provide and assess knowledge on the underpinning theory, essential to be an indoor cycling instructor. Both have an unmatched 100% recommendation rate and consistent '5 Star - Excellent' ratings from instructors worldwide.


NASM ApprovedAFAA ApprovedPerformance Cycling Essentials Plus (PCL1) - Online, this is our most popular level with indoor cycling instructors worldwide

Live and Online, Performance Cycling Essentials Plus (PCL1) is ideal for those who want a thorough, knowledge based certification and who want to certify or recertify quickly. 

Essentials Plus (PCL1) is externally accredited and endorsed by NASM and AFAA and for more points than any other indoor cycling certification, including Spinning, ICG, Stages etc. which indicates the greater depth of content.

Essentials Plus (PCL1) covers everything you need to confidently plan, create and teach a safe, effective indoor cycling class on any popular studio bike. It also includes additional, underpinning A & P not usually found on other indoor cycling courses. This ensures you will understand why we do what we do as well as what to do and how to do it.

We also cover what NOT to do, so you know how to protect your riders, bikes and yourself from injury and litigation! 

Essentials Plus Instructor certification is gained on passing our thorough written assessment with individual personal feedback so you can be fully confident you really do know what you need to do to be safe and effective and shine as an indoor cycling instructor.

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NO LIVE ATTENDANCE IS REQUIRED - all study and assessments are done online. Full details are included in the course and Debbie is there to answer any questions throughout - priceless!


CIMSPA AccreditedPerformance Cycling Professional (PCL2) - Our original and 'flagship' level

Our Pro Instructor (PCL2) is achievable via our 2 day live and in house courses or 100% online.

ONLINE - Online our Pro (PCL2) is available on completion of our Essentials Plus (PCL1) online. 

LIVE - Our 2 day live course combines both levels, so you do not need to have any other fitness qualification beforehand.

  • Live and Online, Performance Cycling Pro (PCL2) is designed specifically for new instructors as well as experienced indoor cycling instructors wanting to progress after doing other indoor cycling or Spin courses.
  • No prior qualifications needed - In the UK this is the ONLY indoor cycling certificate accepted for freelance insurance cover for those without prior fitness qualifications. This is because we include more content, higher assessment standards and ongoing support.
  • Externally accredited and endorsed by CIMSPA for the maximum points available for indoor cycling. 
  • Includes all the underpinning knowledge needed, plus advanced choreography. This level ensures practical skills are honed and gives instructors further benefits and opportunities for promotion and progression once qualified.

NO LIVE ATTENDANCE IS REQUIRED - all study and assessments are done online and Pro Level practical is via video submission. Uniquely includes (an optional) video link with Debbie to check progress is on track before assessment video.

Full details, including  marking criteria are included in the course and Debbie is there to answer your questions throughout, supporting you to success!

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