From workshops to suit your individual requirements to the full 2 day certification course for those seeking top quality, value and inspiration, we are pleased to deliver at your venue.

We are proud to be an official supplier to the Ministry of Defence, serving RAF, Navy and Army bases as well as HM Prison personnel, plus all the top UK health club chains and select independents in the UK and beyond.

As indoor cycling specialists with a reputation for excellence since launch in 2001, quality and satisfaction is assured. Plus our down to earth approach and love of helping people makes working with us easy! Contact now for a no obligation chat to discuss the best option for your indoor cycling training needs

Contact now for a no obligation chat to discuss the best option for your indoor cycling training needs

Is Performance Cycling the same as Spinning ® or RPM?

Performance Cycling is the same as Spinning ®, RPM and all other indoor cycling, group cycling, or studio cycling courses only in as much as we all use special fixed wheel stationary bikes, created specifically for indoor cycling classes.

Spinning ® is a trade mark for one particular course, which now belongs to Mad Dogg Athletics and RPM is the name of the Les Mills cycling program. Performance Cycling is the name of the Ideal Performance Training indoor cycling certification.

The content, quality and duration of the various 'indoor cycling courses' can be very different and Performance Cycling is renowned for training excellence in all areas and for having the strongest health and safety focus.

Unlike Spinning ® we work to the music in an intuitive way as well as introducing more moves than Spinning ® and Performance Cycling Level 2 Instructors are assessed via thorough practical as well as written assessments.

Where RPM only allows instructors to teach their pre set choreography to music bought from them, Performance Cycling gives instructors the support and the freedom to be creative and develop their own choreography and music choices.

Performance Cycling is also the only training able to offer the added convenience and flexibility of an online certification option and named expert tutor support.

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