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Martin - Performance Cycling Level 1 Indoor Cycling Certification Denmark..."I am a road cyclist, I know how to ride and push myself hard I had been to "Spinning" indoor cycling classes before I did this course but found out they I had been doing many things incorrect.
While i was doing this course my road cycling improved my training became more focused and i found that because i was now doing things correct my results were also improving.
I think if you follow the course and understand why you are doing what your doing as an instructor this will be passed on to your students, good instructors that come from this course will get more and more people in there classes why? because there doing thing correct, people can have fun exercise at the same time.
Don't be putt off this course because your first language is not English. If your interested in this sport then you can learn and become a qualified instructor using Performance cycling why because its more than an online learning web site its real people who want you to become as good as they are. I think the people or person who started this site, started it because she was tired of poor instructors teaching things wrong. Yon notice this very early when you study here.
Nothing was more import and than the student understanding what he or she was learning.
I think all that run this online course try there hardest to make learning easy and fun. Thats a great thing because you also want to be as good as they are and I think will be after completing the course."

Edyta Lasak - Performance Cycling Level 2 Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification Poland/Bahrain..."I am already a fitness instructor and the course helped me to refresh the general knowledge of physiology, anatomy, types of training and other necessary information essential for the fitness training.
It also helped me to understand the biomechanical aspects of the cycling training. I could correct my body alignment and focus on proper body movement when I was taking my classes.
The course taught me how to get ready for the cycling classes as a participant and how to prepare myself as an instructor. It also taught me what are the points I have to focus on as an instructor during the class.
I would like to thank you very much for all the support, the prompt responses to my emails and the wonderful course. I really enjoyed studying with You."

Nick - Performance Cycling Level 1 Indoor Cycling Certification UK..."I found the course very enjoyable. The notes and videos covered everything that I needed to know. The course was presented in a way that was easy to follow and digest. I liked the fact that I was able to learn at my own pace and at a time that suited me. Thank you Debbie and the team!"

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Brandon McLaughlin - Performance Cycling Level 2 Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification, Canada/Germany... "Thank you for a fantastic experience! The training and support I have recieved with the Performance Cycling Online course has made me a safe and effective instructor, and now I have a career that I can take with me anywhere my husband's job in the army takes us!
Thank you to Debbie and her team for all of the wonderful support and encouragement! I chose the online course as my husband is military, so I needed to be able to take the training with me, and the support offered as both a student and an instructor was very attractive as well. The feedback and communication with Debbie was brilliant, and I could not have asked for more support!"

Philippa Ealey-Newman - Performance Cycling Level 1 Indoor Cycling Certification Berkshire, UK..."I needed the freedom an online course provided, I didn't have to worry about travelling and expenses.I could refer back at any time to the course to clarify and ensure I understood and remebered what I had learnt.
I really enjoyed the online course and found the content very comprehensive and thorough, with this in mind it gives you the ability to really understand what indoor cycling is about and how to provide a safe and enjoyable class for the participants."

Performance Cycling Level 1 Indoor Cycling Certification Nottinghamshire, UK..."As a working mother I did not have the time to attend live courses as they were quite a distance away and the cost would have been quite considerable when you take into consideration hotels, petrol etc. This was ideal for me as it meant I could do it as and when I could fit it in.
The course covers everything you could possibly need and the depth of it gives you so much confidence in moving forward to instructing. Being able to talk to Debbie and having her feedback and advice on everything was most valuable and the convenience of doing it online is an excellent idea which will suit the majority of people."

Steven Smith - Performance Cycling Level 2 Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification Buckinghamshire, UK..."I was looking for a professional course, that encompassed all aspects of indoor performance cycling. While aware of the "Spinning" courses and brand, I felt that the online course with yourselves was a better route to go down after further research. Having now done it - Quite simply the best online indoor cycling course at any price."

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Performance Cycling Level 1 Indoor Cycling Certification Northumberland, UK..." We chose this course for the content covered as well as the ease of learning.
The most valuable was the quality of the content covered in the course and the reassurance that the work completed and submitted was fully looked at and help and feedback given was constructive and helpful.
This course covered in detail the safety required for indoor cycling and ensures that safe practice is taught and carried out in classes. The assessment procedure helps all the information sink in and the the back up is second to none."

Gemma Liddell - Performance Cycling Level 2 Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification Northumberland, UK ..."This was chosen as It enabled me to do the course whilst still doing my Full Time Job, It was also a course where 3 of us from the same gym could do the course at the same time.
Most important was the reassurance that knowing should anything be done incorrectly, or if anything wasnt understood then I did have the fall back of debbie or a tutor contacting me to help and guide
This is a very informative, well presented course. The Online help and tutors knowledge is fantastic and they really encourage you to perform well."

Performance Cycling Level 2 Indoor Cycling Instructor Northumberland, UK..."Being able to do it in yor own time and re-visiting when necessary for the online learning was very helpful.
This course was very informative and the online learning was in a format that was easy to follow and understand. The support recieved was very good and the individual feedback/questions made what you learn stick in your mind."

Dawn Williams - Performance Cycling Level 2 Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification Durham, UK ..."The course content was fantastic and easy to follow and covered much more than I expected.
Throughout the whole of the Performance Cycling Course I felt in safe, reassuring, professional and kind hands. No question was regarded as stupid or uneccessary. The course content was brilliant and well presented and the support given by Debbie Kneale the course tutor is second to none.
The fact I could do it at my own pace and not have to take it all in in a couple of days or as some courses do in one day was a bonus for me.
I did wonder never having done a course online how the practical assessment would be done but that was handle with your usual professionalism and with all the helpful pointers was a lot easier to manage than I expected.
I would recommend this course to anyone young or old the Performance Cycling Online Course is the best thing I have ever done!
I am proud to say I am now a Performance Cycling Instructor."

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Asha - Performance Cycling Level 1 Indoor Cycling Instructor California, USA ... "I'd never taken an online course before, and was unsure about what it would be like and whether it would be a valuable experience. Happily, Debbie's course was engaging, informative, and comprehensive. After taking this course, I feel ready to go out into the world and teach indoor cycling anywhere and to anyone. For me the most valuable was the class plan (on which Debbie patiently worked with me) because it helped to make me feel confident about walking into my first class as an instructor."

Rob - Performance Cycling Level 1 Indoor Cycling Instructor County Durham, UK ... "I would recommend this course as 'Excellent', for me the most valuable was the contact with the tutor. I think that the course is done by people that really care about quality of content."

Tracy - Performance Cycling Level 1 Indoor Cycling Instructor Berkshire, UK ... "I have done other online fitness training previously. I recommend this course as 'Excellent' for all aspects, content, presentation, value, assessment and support.
I enjoyed the experience had great advice and excellent support all the way. Thank you."

Fiona - Performance Cycling Level 2 Indoor Cycling Instructor Scotland, UK ... "First time ive ever done any online training and I really enjoyed it. I felt well supported from the start to the final part of the course.
I felt that i went on a journey from thinking I was ok at teaching indoor cycling to actually feeling I learnt loads and was actually good at teaching it!
Its amazing now when I take part in a class that I used to think was really good how it is actually full of faults!!!!"

Jill Petterson - Performance Cycling Level 2 Indoor Cycling Instructor Kuwait ... "The online content was presented in a logical,clear and effective way.
Tutor support was truely awesome! Very clear and detailed explanations were provided for even the smallest query I had, which made me feel valued and encouraged me to do better.
Even though it's an online course, it provides enough opportunity to apply everything practically in a real class situation.
I would definately reccommend this course to any person looking to become an instructor, but may not have access to doing it live."

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Copies of all originals are kept on file for reference.

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